" Wow! I hadn't experienced anything like this before. By the end of the session I felt so peaceful, yet so energized." ~ Elina

"Before the session I had a period of very depressing time and I struggled with many fears and anxiety. This session allowed me to take a step back ,
relax and stop stressing." ~ Julia

breathe the stress away and feel inner peace

    Joanna Krysiak

    Breathwork facilitator and functional breath coach

    In this 1:1 Online Guided Breathwork Session you will ...

    ~ Take back control of your mental and physical health.

    ~ Discover how simple stress management can be through breathwork.

    ~ You will be blown away (punt intended) HOW GOOD YOU CAN FEEL by just using your breath.

    What you'll experience:

    Feeling inner peace and calmness even if you've always thought “I don't know how to relax”.

    Taking a break from your racing mind and every day problems

    Bringing your body and mind back to balance.

    Letting go of mental and physical tension.